One year ago I came to you to quit smoking. I just wanted to let you know I did it. I am so happy. My family is so happy. Thank you for what you do!! ~L.P.


Jessica is not one of, but THE best masseuse that I have ever got a massage from. I have had many massages over the years. I typically get 1 massage per month, so I have experienced many different masseuses. I consider myself to be highly active with sports and working out in the gym, so I consider massages to be not only for relaxation for me, but integral for my overall health and well being. 

I went in to Jessica and let her know that I get massage for health as well as relaxation and said she could do whatever massage that she would recommend. I walked out of there 90 minutes later feeling like a completely new person. I felt so healthy and energetic for a full week after this massage, I even got a compliment the next day first thing in the morning (and I am NOT a morning person) that I "Looked like I was glowing". Every muscle in my body felt healthy and great. I am originally from NH and visit family there a few times a year. Next time I am in Concord, I will definitely be back to get a massage from Jessica! Thank you so much Jessica for the wonderful work that you do! ~Ben Finney


I have been to many massage therapists over the years and Jessica is  definitely one of the best.  She has  a very deep and nurturing touch and her treatments always relaxing and most helpful.    ~Thomas Kuhner


My husband, teenage son, and I are all clients of Jessica.  We believe that massage helps tremendously with injury prevention as well as helping existing injuries heal faster.  Jessica combines many techniques in each session to individualize the service for her clients.  We highly recommend her. ~Laura Bonk


Jessica's massages are nurturing and intuitive.  She listens to my needs and is always able to pinpoint the spot that needs attention. I have recommended and gifted her services to friends and will continue to do so. ~Donna Veilleux 


Jessica's deep and disciplined yoga and meditation practices have enhanced her already intuitive ability to work the subtle anatomy. This rare skill, coupled with her deep and gentle touch create a whole and effective healing experience. Warm, welcoming, she is the real deal. ~Asa Dustin


Magic Hands - the manipulation of my body under Jessica's trained hands has left me refreshed, relaxed and ready for more of life's bounty. ~Adam Steinberg


Besides the obvious advantages of one-on-one instruction, Jessica’s approach to combining an hour of yoga followed by a half an hour of massage has been incredibly beneficial. The first hour of yoga is just the right length of time to work up a good sweat and exercise my body and mind. The follow-up massage relaxes my tissues and brings me out of the mental space the yoga took me to and back into my body. Additionally, for up to three days following one of these sessions I find my stress levels distinctly lessened and my mind sharper and clearer. ~ Private Yoga Session Student